The PRODRIVE Event Marketing GmbH takes over serval sportsponsoring activities of the Warsteiner Brewery in 1998.

The successful partnership leads to a 50:50 joint venture in 1999 with the founding of the P&W Sponsor Consulting GmbH. The objective is an improvement in efficiency through the curtailment of the event portfolio and the concentration of financial resources on 4 core areas.

The with the Warsteiner Brewery traditionally associated sports motorsports, wintersports, horse riding and ballooning were still strongly supported.

P&W took over the administration rights for the marketing of all sports activities, as well as the project management in motorsports. Other clients are also catered for.

Despite heavy budget-cuts the best “recall-values” of the Warsteiner Brewery ever are achieved in 2001. Further cost cutting potentials were realised. The implementation of the remaining activities was done “in-house”.

In 2004 the activities ceased due to considerable changes in market conditions.